Shed the Weight and Go slim with ZENLET wallet

If your  wallet is currently morbidly obese or is weighing down your purse, then it’s time to slim down your wallet for good! Many magazines offer a few strategies for doing just that, but the “fixes” they suggest are only cheap rubber bands and metal clips. Simply put, they aren’t effective for a long run and only provide users with a temporary solution.
As the only wallet available that brings simplicity, security and intuition together, ZENLET wallet provides a permanent solution to a slimmer wallet – without the risk of ever having a George Costanza-sized wallet ever again. We have put together a list of ways to drastically decrease your wallet down to size. These are the basic principles for prioritizing and thinking about what you actually need to carry on you. This step-by-step approach will provide and optimal capacity for daily use as a wallet.
Step 1: Shed the fat 
You probably all have a bunch of stuff in your wallet that you didn’t even know was still there, or maybe you do. Clear out any important receipts or business cards – keep them in your files or store them in your phone using free business card scanners (like CamCard). Leave the coins in the tip jar and throw out those old fast food receipts. You’re never going to need them.
Step 2: Eliminate physical membership, rewards, and club cards.
These are the cards that will get your “cash back” rewards, 5% cash back, a free haircut, or even points for a free small popcorn. But, all those memberships add up and fast and take up all of the space in your wallet. Thanks to apps like KeyRing, you can now store all of those pesky reward cards on your phone. No more fumbling and no more lost cards!
Step 3: Pick your top cards
These should be your essentials- cards you use everyday or at least every week, i.e. credit cards, ID, health care card. Rule of thumb: If you haven’t used it in a month, you probably don’t need to hold onto it. Leave these ‘extra cards’ in your car storage compartment just in case.
Step 4: Pick the right wallet
The more excess space you have, the more junk you’ll end up filling it with. Once you’re old beat-up wallet is empty, it is now time to say your goodbyes for good. Zenlet is an RFID secure wallet that provides users with the simplicity and optimal size with no-slot, slide-to-open accessibility.  Carry cards, bills, or small object like keys. With one swipe of a thumb you can have access to seven of your most essential cards all at one with Zenlet in under a second. It’s the only slim wallet of it’s kind!