ZENLET – Get Rid Off Your Thick Wallet!

Get Rid Off Your Thick Wallet!

Get Rid Off Your Thick Wallet!

Everyone of us has experienced back pain at least once in their lives. Backaches are quite common and most of the time we get them because of injuries, stress or poor core stability. A lot of men don’t realize however that it might be also caused by simply wearing a wallet in their back pockets. We are taught from an early age that wallets go in your back pocket. It can cause the kind of pain in your back that starts from the hips and buttocks and continues all the way long to the legs, shoulders and even the neck. It is called a hip pocket syndrome and it is caused by sitting on your wallet. The bulkier your wallet, the higher the chance you will experience back pain!

Sitting on your wallet makes one of the cheeks higher than the other one, which as a result twists your pelvis to one side. It actually rounds your lower back and puts a lot of pressure on your spine. The body is pulling the spine towards the side of the wallet to even out the imbalance. As the pelvis is the foundation of the spine, everything that sits on that foundation will be affected by that tilt. Hence, it can even cause neck pain as the head will also be slightly pulled to one side to keep the eyes level with the floor. Sitting on your wallet can also lead to a sacroiliac dysfunction as the two halves of the pelvis might rotate slightly due to a constant force being applied to one side. As if it wasn’t enough it might also compress the sciatic nerve that is present in your buttock area and cause sciatic leg pain, tingling and numbness.


How should you then avoid the hip pocket syndrome? The answer is simple. Remove the bulky wallet from your back pocket whenever you sit down! You could also move your wallet to your front pocket, however this doesn’t solve all the problems as a bulky wallet can still make it uncomfortable to sit down or drive a car. To minimize the stress on your body we recommend you holding a small wallet that holds only the cards that you really need. A minimalistic wallet should easily fit in your front pocket or in the small pocket of your shirt.

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